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Camera resolution on device

Posted by on May 15, 2013 in FAQ, Guides

Camera resolution on different devices

We are currently limiting on 8 MB in the size of a video made by a form. This means different lengths of recording due to the different qualities on the devices. Here is a list of different divices:

MB/minMaximum limit for upload on app
iPhone (mono)5,501:27
iPhone (stereo)1100:44
Android Low Quality 0,8329:37
Android Medium Quality1,904:13
Android High Quality4,521:46
Android Fine Quality1100:46

How to change the android settings on the phone:

  • Open your camera application in app
  • You will see the Settings icon in the bottom left – click
  • Select resolutions
  • Now you can select a lower resolution for the pictures you take with your device