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Mobile App FeaturesFree versionProfessionalOrganisation
Multi selectAndroid/iOSAndroid/iOSAndroid/iOS
Collection of numbersAndroidAndroidAndroid
Page breakAndroid/iOSAndroid/iOSAndroid/iOS
Explanation textAndroid/iOSAndroid/iOSAndroid/iOS
Form linkAndroid/iOSAndroid/iOSAndroid/iOS
Inspection linkUnder developmentUnder developmentUnder development
Map view of dataAndroid/iOSAndroid/iOSAndroid/iOS
Enter observation from mapAndroid/iOSAndroid/iOSAndroid/iOS
Save draftsAndroid/iOSAndroid/iOSAndroid/iOS
Synchronize nowAndroid/iOSAndroid/iOSAndroid/iOS
Offline data collectionAndroid/iOSAndroid/iOSAndroid/iOS
Set fixed synchronizationAndroidAndroidAndroid
Status on phone: ”Draft”AndroidAndroidAndroid
Form FeaturesFree versionProfessionalOrganisation
Drag and drop formbuilder+++
Making questions required+++
Give a hint to the user+++
Set a default value for field+++
Set a range for field value+++
Locked form in hierarki+++
Apply form to different languages+++
Copy own forms+++
Copy fields in form+++
Use existing template forms+++
Apply forms to specific groups++
Observation FeaturesFree versionProfessionalOrganisation
Make observations online+++
Edit observations+++
Import data existing data by .csv+++
Delete observations+++
Inbox observation stream+++
Verifikation of observations+++
Approval steps: “Awaiting review, ”Verified” and Declined”++ ””+
Uploads of observations per month30010001500
Organisation FeaturesFree versionProfessionalOrganisation
Role of user+++
Build organizational hierarchy++
Role of editor++
Add userLimit on 5 usersDefined by youUnlimited
Add groupOne groupUnlimitedUnlimited
Data processingFree versionProfessionalOrganisation
List view of data+++
Gallery view of data+++
Map view of data+++
Export maps by link+++
Free search in data+++
Filter in content of fields+++
Filter trough groups and users+++
Build your own feeds+++
Export data to .csv+++
Export data trough filters+++
Make charts on live data+++
Dashboard with project performance+++
Export to Google spreadsheet+++
Save filters+++
Branching of questionsUnder developmentUnder developmentUnder development
Color codes on mapUnder developmentUnder developmentUnder development
Other FeaturesFree versionProfessionalOrganisation
Get personal supportLimited2 hours supportUnlimited
Chrome app+++
Access to how-to videos+++
Launch guides+++
Translation to custom languages+
Access to API+