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Certification and auditing

Forest Audit

“Mobile inspection and auditing tool“ download
In partnership with the non-profit organisation NEPCon, ViewWorld is developing an affordable mobile tool enhancing the efficiency, transparency and credibility of social and environmental certification schemes. ViewWorld and NEPCon are jointly developing an innovative solution suitable for auditing and assurance services provided under sustainability assurance schemes.

“ViewWorld’s intuitive app and management console offer new opportunities for improving efficiency whilst enhancing the transparency of field auditing. The tool accurately identifies the visited locations and links them with related observations and recordings, thus eliminating doubts and discussions about location. It also eliminates the need for typing in difficult-to-read paper notes after the audit. You can register your observations as you go and watch your findings become available in real time in the management console. These features help reduce the margin of error significantly whilst streamlining the audit process”.

– Peter Feilberg, Executive Director NEPCon

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