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Health Project Monitoring


The challenges

  • Getting up-to-date information on health projects in remote and inaccessible areas
  • Detecting and following up on epidemics in Developing Countries typically require handling of large amounts of information.
  • Very often the infrastructure to handle such information is not in place. This results in emergency responses being based on inaccurate data that often arrives much to late.


“ViewWorld, offers a solution to this problem by facilitating effective and accurate data collecting by using mobile app technology”

  • Does your organisation have an effective and accurate data capture system for detecting epidemics?
  • Does your organisation have a reliable and valid ‘early warning systems’ for epidemic diseases?
  • Can your organisation accurately measure the development of diseases over time and space, by processing locally collected data over large geographical areas?
  • Does your organisation have a rapid responding (real time) form-based reporting system

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