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Protected Area Management


  • Does your organisation have the instrument to accurately measure the types and geographical distribution of poaching activities?
  • Can your organisation accurately measure, over time, the impact that patrolling and enforcement activities have?
  • Can you correlate over time and space the pressure on park resources as a consequence of, for example, the development of infrastructure or demographic changes?

“ViewWorld offers a tool to overcome some of the key challenges associated with data collection related to protected area management”

Background: The establishment and effective management of protected areas is a key focus area of many wildlife conservation organisations. However, effective management of protected areas face many challenges of which illegal poaching and loss of habitats through land encroachment may be the biggest.

Most protected areas in developing countries experience illegal extraction of resources on a massive scale and enforcement against such illegal activities can be very challenging.

Another challenge faced by the wildlife conservation organisations is the lack of accurate data, which prevents them from getting an exact overview of the extent and changes to the threats to wildlife. Consequently, this may lead to ineffective management.

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ViewWorld can help you overcome these challenges through as mobile app monitoring system that increases accuracy, efficiency and validity of your monitoring.

The ViewWorld system can:

  • Report and photo-document poaching activities (with GPS coordinates)
  • Aggregate poaching ‘reports’ on web maps and generate development in poaching activities over time
  • Generate statistics on the different type of poaching activities over time and space
  • Measure performance indicators with regard to patrolling and enforcement efforts
  • Document encroachments as they develop over time and space
  • Carry out ‘form based’ interviews and view these in web-console

Other uses include: Human Wildlife Conflicts, Findings of dead or wounded animals, Crop Raiding, Reporting on Problem Animals.

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