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The Rockwool Foundation





The Rockwool Foundation is a non governmental organisation, that supports scientific, humanitarian and social activities. Through research and knowledge The Rockwool Foundation contributes to improve environmental conditions and development in society. The aim is to achieve lasting and sustainable improvements in poor as well as rich societies. All their projects is based on social entrepreneurship and help to self help principles.



A project with purpose
The Rockwool Foundation has joined forces with (name of organisation?) and ViewWorld to support the development of the Green Stove Project in Tanzania. A retired Danish school teacher has developed a stove of local materials. The stove is environmental friendly, cost efficient and health improving. The mission of the project is to implement the green stove in communities across Tanzania and if possible Kenya.


A significant improvement of the local environment
A disturbing amount of trees are cut down in Africa, in order to cook food. An average family in Tanzania can save fifty percent on their consumption of wood, when a green stove is implemented in their household. This helps protect the local environment, and the animals living among the trees.



Health improving
The newly developed stove has an integrated chimney, securing smoke doesn’t get into the kitchen. This is of great importance, since the air pollution caused by the normal way of cooking has a damaging effect on the families’ health. The WHO reports, that indoor cooking smoke is responsible for more than 50 percent of premature deaths among children less than 5 years old due to respiratory infections.


According to WHO air pollution, caused by cooking indoors over open fires, kills more than four million people a year worldwide. The green stove has therefore an immediate impact on the Tanzanians’ health, by transferring the polluted air out of the cabin – thus avoiding permanent damage on eyes and lungs. This states the importance of the implementation of the stoves.


Cost efficient
The goal is to implement 400 stoves in 2015. Right now the Green Stove Project has already made 50 stoves in Tanzania. It costs 10 dollars to make a stove, which is the same amount, an average family use on wood each month. The stove efficiency helps the family to use 50 percent less wood each month – resulting in it has paid for it self only two months after the installation. The financial benefits are therefore huge for the average Tanzanian family on a yearly basis.


Before ViewWorld
The Rockwool Foundation has now precise data on the Green Stove Project due to ViewWorld’s mobile data collection device. The project has pictures of each installed stove with a member of the family, and attached is an exact gps location of where the stove is located.


Before ViewWorld the project had only this kind of information on paper, and it was unstructured. Now the information is digital and only a click away. Elimination of paper from the data collection process has secured a precise flow of information on the project – resulting in no details are lost in tedious paperwork.



The ViewWorld solution
The Rockwool Foundation finds, that ViewWorld’s app is a very useful tool for the task. With no steep learning curve, the crew on the Green Stove Project collects field data using the app on their smartphones. ViewWorld then manages and exports the collected data, and makes sure the information travels fast.