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Demining and clearing of unexploded ordinances


Landmines and Unexploded Ordnance pose a large threat to local populations in many developing countries affected by conflict. Large areas of fertile land is often left useless as it is too dangerous to cultivate the land due to the risk of landmines.

Humanitarian Demining organisations working to remove either land mines or unexploded ordinances
from an area is dependent on receiving qualified information on the location of dangerous items from local population and own staff. The process of data gathering, analysis and decision making in mine action is of vital importance, as data errors or missing information ultimately can lead to loss of life. Currently many organisations face challenges in data
management, and as a result spend resources on validating and recreating data.

The process of demining and clearing of UXO is divided into many stages that all requires handling of large amounts of data. Non technical survey, Technical survey, daily and weekly reports and impact assessments all require timely, accurate and complete data.

Specific challenges

  • Non technical surveys often contain inaccurate data, as they are frequently performed by people without much experience. Furthermore incorrect data or data errors may lead to wrong decisions on whether to conduct technical survey.
  • Technical surveys can contain data errors, and especially errors in coordinates can lead to wrong decisions.
  • Data security is important as loosing information means loosing the possibility to follow up with an impact assessment, and furthermore losing the possibility to report credibly to a donor.
  • Daily and weekly reports are frequently communicated through radio, providing only partial information to the Operations Manager.
  • Can you effectively monitor progress, over time and space, with regard to clearing activities?

The ViewWorld solution

  • Daily reports sent through the viewworld system
  • Weeky reports can be extracted from the system
  • Capable of recording every item with image and gps which can be used create detailed clearance maps
  • Detailed information can be used as an effective fundraising tool – Pay and clear a mine
  • Document field observations with regard to types of mines/UXO, risk status and clearance priority
  • Continuous documentation on clearing progress online

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